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Creating Resilient Communities

Where individuals have the resources and skills to cope with trauma. Communities where people thrive, not just survive.


The goal of the Mind Heart Connect Foundation is to create heart-centred and resilient individuals and communities where people have the resources, skills and tools to cope with trauma and adversity and participate fully in life: communities where people are thriving not just surviving.


MHCF has a special focus on addressing the impact of immediate and inter-generational trauma in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and refugee communities.

MHCF achieves its goal of creating resilient individuals and communities by increasing the capacity of heart-centred carers and service providers to deal with trauma, thereby providing the continuum of care required for lasting change.

The high rate of burnout and turnover of professionals working with trauma fragments communities and inhibits the trust and long-term relationships required to really make a difference to people’s lives. Carers and service providers will be equipped to provide better and more sustained care and support for themselves and their clients through the use of Clinical EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).