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Our Ambassadors

Roz Hammond


Roz has been a highly accomplished theatre, film and television actor for over thirty years. With the introduction to EFT/Tapping as a result of a traumatic event, Roz has incorporated tapping into her everyday life and uses any opportunity to spruik the profound effects of EFT - having discussed it on numerous podcast interviews and on ABC radio.
In addition to her career as an actor, Roz is also a yoga and meditation teacher and loves travel, hiking and hanging out with her dog, Beans.

Elise Stapleton

Youth Ambassador

Elise is currently enrolled in Year 10 and has a dream to study medicine. She has grown up part of the EFT and university world with her mum being Dr Peta Stapleton. Manifesting comes easily to Elise and this has been a normal part of her life! In fact she manifested her puppy after her dad said no for years. This tenacity and focus has assisted her in achieving many goals and helping others is part of why Elise wants to study medicine. The MHC Foundation and the support it offers aligns with Elise's passion in being of service in a practical way.